Guillaume Ayoub

Guillaume Ayoub

I am a software engineer working as a freelance developer, consultant, teacher and former. A good part of my time is spent with my family, friends, Free Software, Python, HTML and CSS specifications, and a little bit of typography. I live and work in the beautiful city of Lyon, France.

Free Software Development

I am a free software creator and developer, here are some of the projects I have taken care of:

  • WeasyPrint, a document generator based on web formats;
  • Radicale, a calendar and contact server;
  • CairoSVG, an SVG images to PDF or PNG converter;
  • Pyphen, a text hyphenation library.

Training & Consulting

I am currently giving lessons, training courses and lectures related to my main expertise fields:

  • Python,
  • HTML and CSS specifications,
  • Web development,
  • Git,
  • Free Software,
  • Horizontal management and holacracy…

I can also help companies on technical projects or about switching to horizontal management techniques.


If you want to talk about your projects, my services, to complain or to send me kind words, you can send a mail at